Michael Ashcroft Solo Show: From Manchester to New York

4 - 18 September 2021

We are delighted to announce the latest solo show by Gallery-artist Michael Ashcroft ROI MAFA inspired by dynamic scenes from Manchester and New York. Since his last show in 2018, Ashcroft progressed to solidify his reputation as one of the leading painters in the north. 

A master of landscape and cityscape oils, Ashcroft's truthful style has once again captured the essence of the bustling city. His paintings have evolved over the years- from early abstract acrylics to using oils for the more representational works painted plein air, on-location.

However, the underpinning foundations of Ashcroft’s paintings have remained the same, as he works to investigate his fascination with light and darkness, and how the interaction of two states constructs the atmosphere of the city and the landscape. In each painting of Manchester and New York Ashcroft willingly bares his pleasure and beliefs through painting famous landmarks, wet roads at dusk and familiar pub facades.