Andrew Farmer ROI: An Online Solo Exhibition

15 - 29 June 2020

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Andrew Farmer is one of the very few artists situated in the north of England who has earned the accolade of a membership to the Royal Institute of Oil Painters, and we are proud to announce, as of the launch of his solo exhibition, the artist will be represented by Contemporary Six. We are huge proponents of the quality of his painting, and are most excited to work with this key member of The Northern Boys in the future.

With over 20 beautiful paintings to choose from, and prices starting at £295, this is a wonderful opportunity to add to your collection with art from a unique painter, responding, and creating, at a unique time. There are paintings of springtime and nature; of home, indoors and outdoors; of pastimes — the extraordinary and the everyday.


Many of the works in the exhibition were produced mid-lockdown, amid a distinctly limiting environment. The artist's world became smaller, but in adapting his choice of subjects, the works have benefitted from the old saying: art through adversity — gaining a new perspective.

Each of the works, except Chasing Butterflies (which is temporarily situated in a public gallery), is framed and available to view at Contemporary Six. With every purchase, we are offering free delivery to the UK. We will send every purchased painting within the week.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the paintings in the exhibition, please phone the Gallery at 0161 835 2666 between 7:30 – 9pm on Monday 15 June. Alternatively you can purchase directly from our website, or in the Gallery from 11am on Tuesday 16 June, where you can view the works in the flesh.


Visiting the Gallery


After three months closed, we are very excited to be reopening the Gallery. Read below for amended opening hours and days.


From 11am – 4pm tomorrow on Tuesday 16th June, you can view each of the framed paintings in this exhibition in the Gallery — apart from Chasing Butterflies (which is currently located in a public gallery). This is an opportunity to see the works in the flesh, but please bear in mind this is not an "event" in the traditional sense. We endeavour to put as many of the works on the wall in the coming days and weeks.


Alternative arrangements


If you wish to view the works but are unable to visit the Gallery, please get in touch and, depending on location, we can discuss potentially delivering to your home to view.


We are looking forward to reopening to show a great deal more new work, while of course staying vigilant. If you wish to discuss any of our paintings or making a visit to the Gallery, please call on 0161 835 2666.


Opening hours



Tues–Weds: 11am – 4pm

Thurs–Fri: CLOSED

Sat: 11am – 4pm



We intend to reconsider these opening hours in the coming weeks.