In Bloom: Flowers, Nature, and Contemporary Painting

23 April - 1 June 2020

All paintings and our digital catalogue will go live on our website at 7pm on Thursday 23 April.






Due to the circumstances, some works in the exhibition are not framed at this moment. Others may take a little longer to deliver. If you are interested in any of the works in the show, we advise you to phone the Gallery on 0161 835 2666, so we can discuss the options available for framing and delivery.


Contemporary Six is delighted to present the mixed online exhibition In Bloom featuring paintings by Liam Spencer, Craig Jefferson, Ian Norris, Arthur Neal, Matthew Bourne, and our guest artist James Bland. We are offering free delivery for all paintings purchased in the exhibition.* 


Each artist will display several works which take the beauty of flowers as their subject. Whether sunflowers or waterlilies, peonies or poppies, flowers have been an eternal fascination of painters throughout the ages. The flower-vase still life was immortalised in western art history with the Dutch painters of the 17th Century, but contemporary painters, too, have found new ways to reinvigorate the simple flower — poised as it is between vulnerability and flamboyance. In this exhibition, Contemporary Six unfurls the flower in contemporary painting to reveal new, innovative ways of depicting its organic beauty.


* We will deliver your paintings at the earliest opportunity