Richard Clare: A Solo Exhibition

26 October - 17 November 2019

Award-winning landscape artist Richard Clare is known for his colourful and dynamic paintings of urban Manchester, northern England, Italy, and France. Many paintings are created from memory or sketches, using colours not normally associated with the subject. “After seeing my paintings", said the artist "people start to see the landscape with a fresh perspective”. This fresh perspective may result from the astonishing fact that the artist is colourblind, and through his unique sensibilities creates in his paintings his very own "world of colour".


Richard Clare has received media attention in national magazines, and in 2006 became a Finalist in an art competition organised by International Artist Magazine. In 2001, he was a prize winner in The Laing National Landscape Painting Competition. In 2008, he was featured in the June/July issue of International Artist Magazine. Richard’s paintings are included in many private collections throughout Britain and more recently in France, Italy, Spain, China, America, and Australia. Last summer one of his Old Bailey paintings was acquired for their collection.