Sally Grant Biography

Sally Grant is a professional sculptor with over 8 years experience. Grant has exhibited at national prestigious galleries including the Royal West of England Academy, where she is now an RWA Artist and active member of the Peer Critique Group. Grant has received various private commissions and her work can be seen publicly at the Austwick Hall Sculpture Trail.


The sculptures are expressionistic, semi-abstract and figurative. Some quite small in scale, others large enough to be placed outside. Each piece starts with a clay maquette which is, after various stages of refinement, cast into bronze, marble or slate resin. It often takes months to finish a piece to Grant's high standard.


Sally’s sculpture captures a range of emotion. This quality allows the viewer to immediately empathise with the work. The tactile and sensual figures leave a lasting impression, each piece having a fluidity that suggests and elegance and harmony.


'My work emphasises, by distortion, the dynamics of the human figure giving the sculpture an expressionistic or abstract tendency. I am inspired by the body’s ability to communicate its emotional state through posture and gesture. I am interested in the juxtaposition of relaxation with tension and a monumental style with intimate detail. I use sharp lines with soft curves and simplified forms to express these concerns'. 

— Sally Grant