Jane Waksman British

Jane’s work is related to the human figure. It and has been influenced by a combination of the British
expressionist figurative sculptors Reg Butler, Lynn Chadwick, and Kenneth Armitage, as well as Elizabeth
Frink and more recently Emily Young — who she met last year while working in Carrara in Italy.

Jane is largely self-taught and has been developing both her sculpting and drawing skills since she first
started sculpting back in 2001. One of the drawing classes she attends requires the students to capture
the essence of the pose in quick five and ten-minute sketches. This skill of capturing the essence of a
movement in a quick sketch is what Jane tries to recapture in her bronze sculptures today.

For the past five years Jane has spent several weeks each summer in Carrara, Italy working alongside
several prominent international artists from the USA, Japan, Italy, and the UK. This has helped her develop
her carving skills enormously and her work is now in several art collections both here in the UK and the

Jane has exhibited in several Art Fairs in London including the 20/21 Art Fair, the Affordable Art Fairs in
both Hampstead and Battersea, and the Chelsea Art Fair.

Apart from selling her work through Contemporary Six, Jane has undertaken several private commissions
for large garden sculptures in both Bronze and in Stone. Her most recent commission was a public
commission for a large stone garden sculpture for the Mother and Baby Unit at the Royal United Hospital