Bryan Hible British, b. 1965

Bryan Hible was born in Sheffield in 1965 and now lives in Nottingham. He has been painting hyper realism in acrylics for over twenty five years and has an eclectic range of subject interests, with modern still-life and portraiture.


Hible began painting full-time in 2009 and quickly established a professional reputation. His work has been accepted into various exhibitions around the U.K. including the Art Exposure Gallery, Glasgow and Contemporary Six. His paintings have sold around the world and are now being sought after by various collectors.


Bryan accepts commission work, as time allows, and is currently working on various personal projects, predominantly the series ‘Life’s a Game’, which depicts ultra close-up views of board games in progress.


Due to the scale involved and the utilisation of dramatic lighting, which focuses attention on a small area, the viewer is transported into the game and is invited to see aspects of human life being played out on the game board.