Norman Long MAFA British, b. 1976

Norman Long (BA, MAFA) was born in Preston in 1976. After graduating from Newcastle University, Long became a portraitist. Due to the successful reception of his portraits, he has since established a career as a distinguished oil painter and his works have featured in the BP Portrait Award and Royal Society of Portrait Painters exhibitions.


In 2010, he was awarded the coveted de Laszlo Award for the evocative portrait of his father, Walter. Long has enjoyed success in both Britain and the US.


He has exhibited in New York, Philadelphia and California as well as a host of London venues. In 2008, he was awarded a double scholarship to undertake postgraduate study at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art.


Long creates work across a variety of subjects typically in the medium of oil. Figurative compositions, still life and landscapes are Long's most appreciated work.


The paintings observe the world from an outsider perspective and magically transform mundane everyday interactions into captivating narrative paintings. The artwork captures the fleeting moments of daily life whether this is in a cafe, on the train home or walking down the street. It cannot be denied there is something truly unique about the way Norman translates these ordinary moments into something extraordinary.