Artists' Accolades

Celebrating the success of gallery-artists


Our solo exhibitions so far this year have been fruitful — attracting fantastic turnouts, particularly to the preview dates, and commendations from enthusiasts and the press.


  • Anne Aspinall's stunning solo exhibition 'A Welsh Connection' received praise from collectors and visitors alike. Her paintings found new homes in the UK and even travelled all the way to Australia.  
  • Testament to the success and popularity of Chris Cyprus's Northern Lights show at the Gallery, he was interviewed for a feature on the BBC's North West Tonight on 13 March 2018. 'His labour of love has become a race against time'...



December has been an excellent month for several artists in the Gallery. 


  • Michael Ashcroft has won the Frank Herring Easel Award at The Royal Institute of Oil Painters.
  • Adam Ralston's awards won and achievements in competitions are stacking up:

    - Pintar Rapido (London) 2017 — 1st Place / 2016 — 3rd Place 

    - Royal Society Of British Artists (RBA) 2017

    - Manchester Academy Of Fine Arts (MAFA-membership) 2017

    - Royal Institute Of Oil Painters (ROI) 2017/‘16 - Won the 'Frank Herring Easel Award'

    - ROI Paintlive 2017 — 1st Place

May 7, 2018