Ken Matsuzaki and Ian Norris

A double-header exhibition

After much careful planning and rapid implementation, our most ambitious show to-date was, thankfully, a great success. The quality of Ian Norris's paintings on the walls was matched by the meditative ceramics of Ken Matsuzaki, and a great many works found new homes across the country. 


We spent several weeks ressearching a whole new artistic vocabulary to describe Matsuzaki's ceramics, and then several weeks more remembering a host of Japanese terms to describe firing processes and glazes, contingency, risk, and wabi-sabi. As such, the show received countless emotive compliments, and the work seemed to capture the hearts and minds of our visitors — from experts in the field to relative amateurs (us included!) 


The day of the preview was well-attended, and Ian Norris was on-hand to answer questions about his uncommonly brilliant work. The artist and the studio are indeed inseparable entities, but with Ian's interiors series — a particular highlight — the studio becomes the art itself: sublimated, chaotic, yet balanced. 


The inevitable interactions of two simultaneous exhibitions can be difficult to harness, but we sought as best we could to make sure that this dialogue across cultures traditions, and mediums was always in the service of the two distinguished artists. The many kind comments received confirmed our hopes, and have certainly encouraged us to host more exhibitions of this kind in the future. Thank you to all who attended, those who purchased artworks, and to both artists.

September 1, 2019