Liam Spencer Meet & Greet

Exhibition of small works

With the majority of Liam Spencer's small works from the exhibition finding new homes, and Liam on-hand to answer questions, meet followers and enthusiasts, the preview on 16 Feb was a marvellous success, enjoying a warm atmosphere, a multitude of compliments, and great conversations about art in the city of Manchester. 


The Gallery remained busy all day — we even had visitors up from the capital — but perhaps the most surprising arrival occurred the day before the preview, when the eminent lead guitarist of Guns 'n' Roses poked his hat in to take a look. 


Such an array of small works can sometimes be lost against an expanse of white wall, but Liam's joyful miniatures feel so much larger and inviting than their frame-sizes would suggest. Full of his customary bright oranges and blues, they sing, conveying their subjects in such few, but subtle and considered, brush-strokes. 


At the time of writing, there are still a range of vibrant, beautiful paintings available — scenes from Manchester, New York, still lifes, landscapes, beach scenes, and snow scenes. The exhibition comes to a close on 27 February, so there is still time to pay us a visit. 

February 17, 2019