Places, Drawn, Lost, and Reimagined: An Exhibition of Works in Various Media by Florian Foerster

8 - 26 September 2018

Places Drawn, Lost, and Reimagined constitutes a selection of works from German artist Florian Foerster. The exhibition covers a range of media, from woodcut prints to ink drawings, oil paintings to collage — but each work lies on the boundary between observation and imagination, and documents how memories of a place can affect its record. 

With work held in private collections in Brazil, Germany, and the UK, Florian Foerster works also as a structural engineer — a career which informs his breaking down of images into fragments and composites, layering and rearranging, experimenting with materials and surfaces.

This exhibition comprises excellent work from five of Foerster's projects: Inside Santa Maria, Cheetham Hill Road, Temperance Street, Jardim da Luz, and Manchester City Art Gallery. As well as documenting Manchester's scrapyards, stations, and skylines, and Jardim da Luz in Sao Paulo, the collection also imagines the fictional town of Santa Maria in South America (from the novels of Juan Carlos Onetti). 

Places Drawn, Lost, and Reimagined: An Exhibition of Works in Various Media by Florian Foerster


2017 Pedaçinhos rasgados do chão, Galeria Recorte – São Paulo 
2015 Layers and Fragments, Graphias – São Paulo 
2013 Decay and Transformation, Gravura Brasileira – São Paulo 
2010 Inside Santa Maria, Lettretage – Berlin 
2010 Maria Valeria Drawings, Galerie Südost Europa – Berlin 
2010 São Paulo, inside – outside – in between, Gravura Brasileira – São Paulo 
2010 Staged, Salon Su de CouCou – Berlin 
2009 Bocas do Lixo, Das Labor – Berlin 
2006 Deceptions and Crossings, Municipal Museum Štúrovo – Slovakia 
2004 The Miraculous Mandarin, Berliner Philharmonie – Berlin 
2004 Recent Works, Tib Lane Gallery – Manchester 
2000 Recent Works, Tib Lane Gallery – Manchester 
1996 Recent Works, Royal Northern College of Music – Manchester 
1994 Drawings, Goethe Institute – Manchester