David Bez - Biography

David Bez is synonymous with what we characterise as a 'Northern Artist', with his use of dark and brooding colours and industrial landscapes, depicting gritty mill buildings.


Due to Bez's experience in glasswork, he utilises a 'faux vitrail' finishing glaze, a specific type of translucent yet bold glass paint like that found on stained glass. Next, Bez applies oil varnishes and silicates in sections of the painting to cause light to interact with each section differently, which adds depth and luminosity.


Bez's paintings tend to not depict actual places, there are obvious elements of Levenshulme, his childhood town where he continues to live and work. A true Northern Painter, Bez successfully creates the sense of a Northern town without actually including any iconic buildings or definite places.


Bez states he was encouraged from an early age by his mother, a textile designer, to paint. Such encouragement is the reason behind his successful career as an artist, illustrator and glass designer. Bez says, 'I find operating in three different art forms enables me to reappraise my work and to mix and match from all. This approach keeps my work fresh and dynamic'.



L.S. Lowry, Theodore Major, Harold Riley, Adolphe Valette, the tutor of L.S. Lowry, you can read more about here.