Arthur Neal NEAC British, b. 1951

Arthur Neal works largely in impasto – his work defined by a rich, sometimes lugubrious, colour palette, coupled with a heavily textural treatment of oil paint. Viewing his work demands a period of contemplation to fully appreciate the depth and complexity of the paintings. There is a process of discovery, a sense of evolution reflecting the laborious artistic process that Arthur Neal takes on creating a work of art where the initial abstraction gives way to a figurative composition.


Arthur Neal was born in 1951, and studied at Camberwell School of Art under Euan Uglow. 


Neal later taught at Metropole, Folkstone and Maidstone Colleges of Art. He is a member of the New English Art Club (NEAC) and has illustrated and published two books on the poetry of Edward Thomas.


Neal has exhibited in numerous solo and group shows including with the Royal Academy (for sixteen years including 2015 where his work was selected for merit by author Sebastian Faulks); The New English Arts Club, London; Cadogan Contemporary, London; Merriscourt gallery, Oxford; Discerning Eye, Mall Galleries, London; Lynne Strover Gallery, Cambridge and the Alton Gallery London.


Scholarships, Awards and Prizes

Hunting/Observer Art Awards

Discerning Eye Exhibitions

JPS Portrait Award

Royal Academy ‘Summer Exhibition’ – His artwork was selected for merit by author Sebastian Faulks

Arthur is also a member of the New English Art Club.