Anne Aspinall MAFA Biography


The paintings are widely enjoyed because despite Anne's depiction of very specific places, they are not limited by their geographical location. The work, the technique, and the colour are enough. They have a magnetic pull - and those who have purchased Anne's paintings will agree that the force only grows once the piece is hung on their wall.


Her skill with a palette knife to conjure light, reflection, and atmosphere in oil is a joy to behold. Anne will become an even more significant painter over the next few years; her paintings are amongst the best work by any living artist in the North West today. Whilst younger artists are still finding their style and have not yet proved their longevity, Anne has for decades produced stunning landscapes of a consistent quality — earning steadily rising prices, and a flourishing and engaged following.


"I am first and foremost a colourist and yet it took me some time to fully realise this.  My early professional years were spent in exploring aspects of printmaking, particularly etching. These etchings depict the coastline and mountains of North Wales which I have known all my life.  In this medium I was able to concentrate on the patterns and rhythms inherent in the landscape and the subtle tonal changes wrought by light and weather.


In the late eighties I travelled extensively in Europe and North Africa where the effects of strong sunlight on the desert landscape and the rich colour, texture and patterns found in the architecture, tiles and textiles made a lasting impression.  This experience led me to painting in oils and mixed media."



William GilliesAnne Redpath, Barbara Rae, Joan Eardley, Kyffin Williams and Gwilym Pritchard.