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Contemporary Six reopened with a major exhibition that hosted a selection of mixed artwork from the UK’s top artists.


It was an extensive exhibition that featured a wide range of contemporary art to celebrate the fantastic new gallery space.


The show was an absolute success, over the three hours the gallery saw around two hundred people attend including clients, artists and even the Lord Mayor of Manchester!


The gallery had an exciting buzz and all of those who attended praised the new premise with sincerity.


Selected paintings on display included Peter Stanaway and Geoffrey Key’s cubist studies, Anne Aspinall, Jan Gardner and Dean Entwistle’s romantic and serene rural landscapes.


Anne Lewis RCA exhibited some quality and highly detailed linocuts of the luscious Welsh countryside whilst Michael Ashcroft and Rob Wilson included some iconic scenes of Mancunian pubs and cityscapes.


Some spectacular largescale steelwork sculptures were also on display by Clare Bigger amongst intricate and minimal ceramics by Ché Finch.


The range of innovative and quality artworks reflected the beautiful, renovated space and marked an unmissable and remarkable re-opening to Contemporary Six!


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Grand Opening Exhibition