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Contemporary Six is on the Own Art Scheme backed by the Arts Council England. Own Art makes it easy and affordable for you to buy original works of art. You can buy more or less any of the pieces you see in Contemporary Six – paintings, sculptures, ceramics and even one off commissioned pieces of work – and spread the cost of the purchase over ten months with an interest-free loan.


Works of art for purchase with an Own Art loan must be by a living artist, this is because the goal of the scheme is to support contemporary artists of today by encouraging sales of their work to new buyers.


Simultaneously, the scheme also encourages new buyers to start their own collection. Own Art is also available for the purchase of limited edition prints and multiples where the artist has produced these in an edition of less than 150. This ensures that the prints you purchase are of the highest quality.


Best of all, there isn’t a limit on the amount of times you can use Own Art. You can watch your art collection grow without having to worry about the price.





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