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Dean Entwistle

Dean Entwistle is an accomplished British painter whose desire is to create something of beauty by blending light and a sense of place. Entwistle produces around twelve paintings per year. The investment potential of both his original works and limited edition prints has recently become evident as they are highly sought after.


Dean Entwistle is renowned for his watercolour, oil and tempera paintings. Of the three, tempera although an ancient medium, is the most progressive in Entwistle's ouvre.


Tempera is a method of painting which pre-dates oil paint. It is a permanent paint which consists of pure pigment mixed with a ‘binder’ – typically egg yolk! Due to the high concentration of pigment used, tempera is incredibly long lasting, light fast and won’t fade. Click here to read more about tempera used in art. Entwistle’s paintings of the Central Library and the Midland Hotel are two of only three tempera paintings ever completed of Manchester.


Seven musical notes, seven colours, Entwistle believes that the landscape can be engaged with beyond it's surface. “I recognise that both musicians and painters share a process in an expression of resonance, tone, composition, colour, layers, harmony and rhythm. I find tempera in particular holds the secret to recording moods and sense of place in a distinctive way not expressed using other painting mediums.”


“My aim is to uncover something hidden in plain sight. Each painting is an attempt to express thoughts and feelings that connect, stimulate and intrigue the viewer.”


His work regularly hangs alongside artists such as John Bellany CBE RA, Maurice Cockrill RA, L.S. Lowry RA, Theodore Major, Harold Riley, John Piper CH, Barbara Rae RA, Peter Howson OBE, Adolphe Valetti, Graham Sutherland OM and Emanuel Levy.



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