Artist Statement 20160607_162031

I like to deal with material that is local and with which I am familiar, exploring the figure and the landscape as subjects. I usually work on the same motif over long periods.

My process starts by producing numerous drawings and smallpaintings from observation. Back in the studio I paint larger works from memory using the smaller studies as reference. Throughout this process I am trying to express my feelings of being present in a place and not just the visual aspects of the landscape.

I am interested in the physicality of paint itself and my larger paintings tend to be made of multiple layers of paint .The progressive build-up of paint combined with the scraping back of whole or partial areas of the paint surface reveal a complex matrix of varying colour, texture and depth which is not unlike the landscape itself.

Recent Achievements

2011 Dr Barbara Oldham MBE award for best work of art – MAFA Summer exhibition
2011 BA (Hons) Fine Art-1st class
2010 Elected as a member of Manchester Academy of Fine Arts.



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