Darrell Evanes

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Darrell was born  in 1965 in Leeds West but he later moved to Harrogate where he studied for his BTEC National in Art & Design at Harrogate College 1990–1992  before going on to study at Bretton Hall Leeds to complete his Degree in Fine Art.

Since then, Darrell has been Short listed for Royal Academy of Arts summer show, and has sculptures featured in The Ingram Collection and The Lightbox.

“Darrell uses recycled metals in his sculptures to create semi-abstract shapes and forms, these suggest lines within space.

The concept of fragments in time is central to his work; the history of what once was and is no more. Chains are often found within the artist’s sculptures, linking past to present. The chains are our bond between space and gravity.

Because Darrell’s work does not intend to reflect a natural appearance, it is not an escape from life but a penetration into reality; an expression of the significance of life, a stimulation to greater effort in living”.

About Each Piece

Transforming this Spirit of Times – SOLD
This sculpture is based on a ‘J Class yacht’ – These yachts were built in the 1930s to take part in the Americas Cup and only 10 were ever built. Of these, only three of them survive. They each weigh in at an intimidating 200 tonnes, are 130 feet long with a mast towering at 180 feet high. Each costs £20m and requires a crew of 30 people to sail.

Resolution of the First Puzzles – SOLD
The hull is made from steel bands and the short link chain that supports the piece is created from a block and tackle, a type of pulley system. The deck is made up of air ducting and and general scrap steel.


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