Arrange a Commission

Arranging a commission with any of our artists is an easy process! This means that you can select the subject, size and/or other perameters that you would like the artists to work within.

How it works

We start with a discussion of your ideas and requirements, unless you already have an artist in mind, this is when we can find the most suitable artist for you and sort out the little details like size and budget. You can browse all of our artists and their work on our artists pages.

We then arrange an informal, no obligation meeting in the Gallery where you can talk to the artist in person. We are open to any ideas and you can be as vague or specific as you like.

Then the artist will get to work on your artwork. Depending on how often you’ve asked to be updated, you’ll see it all coming together with progress reports and photos. This means that you can confirm that youre happy with it at every stage.
Get in touch with us by phone – 0161 835 2666, email – or use the form below.

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