David Bez

Pen and Wash Series

tumblr_mdh7zfUwEy1rwr5cdDavid’s work is completely synonymous with everything we identify as ‘northern art’ – dark and brooding colours, gritty mill buildings and industrial landscapes. Although comparisons will be drawn to leading northern painters such as L.S.Lowry, Theodore Major and Harold Riley, David draws his inspiration for the atmospheric feel which imbues so many of his pieces from Adolphe Valette who was, for a while, Lowry’s tutor.
Despite these influences, David’s work is also completely his own and instantly recognizable. In part, this is due to his experience in working with glass which he uses to inform his acrylic painting process. He utilises a ‘faux vitrail’ finish, a way of imitating a specific type of translucent yet bold glass paint and by picking out the edges within the image in highlights – like the leading on a stained glass window. He further develops this aesthetic by applying oil varnishes and silicates in sections on each piece. This causes the light to interact with each section differently which adds to the depth and luminosity within each painting.

Whilst David’s paintings do not always depict actual places, there are obvious elements of Manchester and Levenshulme – his childhood town where he continues to live and work. Yet, despite not including the iconic buildings of the North West, he still manages to express a Northern feel and sense of place.

David has always been creative and was encouraged from a very early age by his mother, a textile designer, which has driven him to pursue a successful career as an artist, illustrator and glass designer – he finds working and experimenting in these contrasting areas both challenging and exciting. He says, “I find operating in these spheres enables me to reappraise my work and to mix and match from all. I find this approach keeps my work fresh and dynamic.”

The quality of David’s work speaks for itself and he is becoming one of the most recognizable Northern artists.

David’s Portrait Work

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