Louise Jannetta

Textured Mixed Thread and Paper Landscapes

These textured paintings focus on the changing light in the surrounding landscape. Developed from experimental work with her textured oil paintings, feltwork and collagraphs, Louise has found technique a that allows the specific attributes of the medium to naturally enhance her skills. The different papers and threads absorb the paint to different degrees and so produce their own tonal qualities.

Original Collograph Plates

A Collograph Plate is the name for the metalized card that is used during the printing process. It is carved into with sections removed and thin impressions left. These are the sections that will print and retain ink.

The ink, which is very thick and sticky is then thorougly worked into the surface of the Plate in a very time consuming process. Many artists find that their plates disintegrate during the printing process although Louise takes great care to retain them. After creating a limited run of prints, she glazes the plates creating a very unique piece of art.

Textured Painting

“The method of construction means that these paintings are put under quite a lot of tension. I therefore use the best quality canvas and stretchers. I make up the aluminium frames and stretch the canvas so that I am sure of the quality. The texture is then applied using canvas and strings. I have to admit to the madness that each branch, twig and leaf has been hand cut and then painstakingly applied to the canvas. Once the composition is complete I can choose to paint the image in colours or to allow the relief and its shadows to depict the understated simplicity out of all my hard work.

My textured oil paintings play with the light both within and across the painting. The relief plays a very important role in both the painting method and in the image and atmosphere produced. Paint is almost wiped over the structures so that colours get caught in the recesses and depths. Colours can then be dragged lightly over the textures so that only the protrusions catch the highlights. These paintings are best seen in natural light, which when passing over the painting creates further lights and darks as it reflects off the protrusions casting shadows. The shadows will move as the light changes even when the sun goes behind a cloud.”

About Louise


Louise is a skilled and versatile artist who relishes the discovery of a new technique or idea.

Her work expresses an explorative attitude, artistic curiosity and diversity. She exhibits mixed media, oils, watercolours, etchings and collagraphs, demonstrating her desire to experiment and build on her artistic experiences.

Louise is currently working on a series of paintings depicting trees and woodlands inspired by the landscape around her studio in Buxton in Derbyshire. She is concentrating on the patterns and textures playing with light, both within and across it. Louise achieves an almost hypnotic invitation to the mysteries and beauty of a forest, drawing the viewer into the depths of the painting with a sensitive use of atmosphere and light.

Previous Work

Amongst the Clouds – SOLD
Autumn Gold – SOLD
Walking Through – SOLD
One Minute to Midnight – SOLD
Night Life – SOLD
Bejewelled Birch – SOLD
Glad to Be – SOLD
Undergrowth – SOLD
Almond Blossom – SOLD
Tree View – SOLD
Burning Brightly – SOLD
Catching the Fire – SOLD
Moonlit Wood – SOLD
Sun Humming in the Trees – SOLD
The Colour of the Woods – SOLD
Reach for the Sky – SOLD
Hazy Days – SOLD
On a Windy Day – SOLD
Moss Green – SOLD
Escape – SOLD
Tranquility – SOLD
Emerald Trees – SOLD
Day Dream – SOLD
Warmth of an Evening Sun – SOLD
Last of the Sun – SOLD
Take a Path – SOLD
All The Colours in the Trees – SOLD
Dusk – SOLD

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